Wisdom Teeth and Wisdom Teeth Problems

    Wisdom Teeth
    Also known as the “third molars”, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come out. This usually happens between ages 17 and 25.


    What Is An Impacted Tooth?
    A tooth gets impacted when there is no more space on the jaws, and when the tooth gets blocked by a bone or an another tooth.


    How Serious Can An Impacted Tooth Get?
    An impacted tooth can cause pain and infection. These teeth can also stress and damage neighboring teeth or dental roots.


    This may cause even more serious problems if the sac surrounding the impacted tooth fills with fluid and forms a cyst. The cyst may cause resorption (jaw bone thinning) and permanent damage to the teeth next to it, the surrounding bone and nerves. When untreated, cysts can occasionally cause tumor progression and a more serious surgical procedure may be needed for tumor extraction.


    Should The Tooth Be Extracted Even If It Did Not Cause A Problem Yet?
    Not all problems regarding the impacted teeth are painful or visible to the naked eye. They may cause damage without the person noticing it.


    As the wisdom teeth grows, their roots grow longer, therefore their extraction gets harder and the possibility of a complication increases in time. Furthermore, as the patients get older, the possibility for impacted wisdom teeth to cause problems also rises.


    No one can foresee when molar teeth complications may arise, but when such complications arise, conditions would be more painful and the treatment of the teeth would get harder.


    When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?
    It is not wise to wait for your wisdom teeth to cause discomfort before getting them extracted. Usually an early extraction of the wisdom teeth will result in a less complicated healing process.


    It is advised that wisdom teeth should be extracted before the patient grows into a young adult to stop any possible complications and cause optimal healing. The healing process would be faster and more smooth in young patients.


    What patients wonder about surgeries…
    Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will talk to you before the surgery about what to expect. This is a good time to ask questions and express your concerns. It is of utmost importance to let your doctor know if you have a condition and if there is any medication you’re taking.


    Wisdom teeth extraction procedures are performed in Lotus Dental Clinic by Dr. Erdem KAYA using local anesthesia or intravenous sedation, or in contracted general private hospitals under general anesthesia. Your doctor will talk to you about which anesthetic procedure is right for you.


    The patient may experience swelling and a slight discomfort after the surgery. These are normal, and are a part of the healing process. Applying a cold compress may help with the swelling, and the prescribed medication by your oral and maxillofacial surgeon may help with the discomfort. Your doctor may ask you to make dietary changes after the surgery and return to your ordinary diet in time.


    Postoperative advices will be conveyed to the patients by Specialist Erdem KAYA or his assistants.

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