Sedation and General Anesthesia

Sedation and general anesthesia is the best method of dental treatment if there are more than one tooth that needs to be treated in a patient’s mouth who has fear of dentists and cannot cooperate with the doctor. In this way, all the required tooth extractions and restorations can be completed in 1 to 3 hours, excluding one session root canal treatment applications. This is also the best method for adults who have extreme fear of dentists and the mentally challenged. Since forcing a child to get a dental treatment by his/her parents will cause odontophobia later in life, sometimes the best way for kids to get their dental treatments is by general anesthesia.


Nitrousoxide As A Sedation Method

Conscious sedation which is also known as “the laughing gas” is a pain management method and is a widespread method during medical treatments all around the world. With thiseffective and safe method which can be applied to people of all ages, the fearand stress you experience during dental treatments are replaced by nice andbeautiful feelings. Nitrous oxide is applied with oxygen and will reduce thepain and has a relaxing effect on the patient as long as it is inhaled. Nitrousoxide sedation in dental treatments is a standard procedure in especially the USA and the Scandinavian countries. Because of its pain reducing effect, mostof the patients don’t feel the pain during the injection. The patient who isconscious throughout the treatment can easily communicate with his/her doctor,and can stop the treatment any time he/she wants.


The nitrous oxide which willstart to take effect within 2 to 3 minutes after the inhalation process beginsand will leave the body naturally immediately after the process ends. It is theonly sedation method to lose effect immediately after the treatment. Patientscan drive and resume their daily activities unhindered. It can be safelyapplied to angina patients, patients who suffered a heart attack and evenpatients with hypertension. Inhalation sedation is an effective and safe methodfor also children, as it can be applied safely to all healthy individuals. Thismethod is especially preferred in the USA by every pedodontist while treatingchildren with fear of dentists. It can also be applied to some disabledchildren as well as healthy ones. If you have a fear of dental treatments,inhalation sedation may as well be the most suitable method for you and yourkids.


The thought of a surgical operation may negatively affect the psychology of many patients. Insuch cases, Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya suggests conscioussedation – an application that may be applied to the patients without any sideeffects. While a relative relief and relaxation is provided on the patient withthis application which is also known as “the laughing gas”, the sensation ofpain is also decreased. Most of the patients don’t even notice the injection process. When the treatment is completed and the sedation is over, the patient will think only about 5 minutes has passed during this half-hour operation.


The patient who will be awake and conscious throughout the procedure will alsolargely be able to beat his / her dental phobia through this process. Going smiling to your home from the clinic even after a major operation is possible by the nitrous oxide sedation. The question “Is it possible to take this gas home?” we hear from all of our sedation patients is by far the greatest proofof how the fear of dentists and operations are overcome. Dental treatments and operations under conscious sedation are being applied routinely by Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya, Dentist Tülay Kaya and Pedodontist Specialist Dr. Gulcan Unsal at Lotus Dental Clinic in Kuşadası.

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