Pedodontics and Orthodontics

    Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric Dentistry, also known as Pedodontics, is the main science that aims to protect the healthy teeth and permanent teeth of 0-15 year old children and individuals who require special attention and to eliminate the problems caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors.


    Why Pediatric Dentistry?

    Dental treatments in children are treatments that require special attention. Correct communication in the first meeting of the child with the physician, elimination of the child ‘s fears is of great importance for the healthy relationship between the physician and the patient in the future.


    Pediatric Dentists know the psychology of children because they are the first dentists they meet and prevent the formation of dental phobia in children. It also determines the child’s caries risk group and organizes individual protective programs. Regulating the child’s feeding habits, controlling the regular progression of jaw and tooth development, restorative and prosthetic treatments of teeth with developmental anomalies, preventive orthodontic treatments and dental treatments of children requiring special attention are the special areas of interest of the pedodontists. Any problem that threats oral and dental health can be detected in children who are regularly checked in a Pedodontist. Early diagnosis and treatment of possible problems in pediatric patients will positively affect the physical and emotional development of the child. Gülcan Ünsal, a pediatric dentist working in the private Lotus Oral and Dental Health in Kuşadası, states that the dental treatment of children should be performed in an ideal environment due to his expertise and interest.  Kuşadası Lotus Oral and Dental Health Center offers children the ideal environment for treatment.


    Importance of Milk Teeth

    The first task of the baby’s teeth is to feed the child. Proper development of speech also depends on the presence of milk teeth. Milk teeth protect the area for the permanent teeth They occupy for the permanent tooth that will replace them, and they guide it while driving. Milk teeth are more prone to decay than permanent teeth, decay easier and faster. Children cannot interpret the signs of cold – hot tenderness and mild pain, which can be seen early in caries. They only notice it when there is unbearable pain, which may be too late.


    When the milk tooth is extracted early, the said useful functions of these teeth are eliminated. The first aim of pediatric dentistry is to take precautions to prevent dental problems and to direct children to a future without caries. The procedures applied for this purpose are called Preventive Dentistry Applications. Preventive dentistry services are performed by pediatric dentist Gülcan Ünsal at the Lotus Dental Clinic in Kuşadası for patients of all age groups.


    Preventive Dentistry Applications


    Fluorine Applications

    Fluoride, which is accepted as the most effective treatment method in preventive dentistry, is an element that prevents tooth decay and strengthens the structure of teeth and is the active ingredient of most toothpastes nowadays. Since the enamel does not fully mature when the teeth are first applied, the newly erupted teeth are generally more resistant to caries and are prone to caries formation. Fluorine strengthens the enamel of the tooth and protects against female acid attacks and thus helps prevent the formation of dental caries. Professional fluoride application is a protective method that can only be applied by dentists. Applications are performed according to the age and risk of caries formation in the frequency and amount determined. In general, it is considered appropriate to topically fluoride the teeth of children at high risk of caries every 6 months. Professional fluoride applications can be made with the appropriate age-appropriate dosage and preparation for 2 – 2.5 years. Fluorine varnishes adhering to tooth tissue are used in children under 5 years of age, while fluoride gels are used in children over 5 years of age. Professional fluoride applications are carried out by the pediatric dentist Gülcan Ünsal at Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic after the risk factors of the patients have been determined and at the appropriate dose and frequency.


    In preventive dentistry, no single application is as important as personal oral care. When the baby is 6 – 8 months old, that is, when the first teeth appear in the mouth, cleaning should begin. After breakfast and before going to bed at night, wipe the teeth with a clean cheesecloth or gauze and wipe clean. The sooner you start using toothbrushes, the easier it is for children to learn to brush. It is very difficult to apply a technique for brushing teeth in preschool children.  What is important at this age is to give the child the habit of brushing teeth.  When children brush their teeth, they often brush their visible or easily accessible faces.  However, in order to prevent caries, it is necessary to clean the teeth interfaces and chewing surfaces much better. Therefore, after brushing, it is better for the parents to brush and control the teeth again.


    Fissure Covers

    Fissure sealers are fluid fillers that cover deep and decaying fissures (gutters) on the chewing surfaces of the permanent teeth and do not allow bacteria to reach there, thus preventing caries.


    With the fissure covering applications, the most prone to caries in the teeth are taken under protection.  Fissure sealants are routinely applied by Pediatric Dentist Gülcan Ünsal at Lotus Dental Clinic.



    In case of early tooth loss, apparatuses called placeholders are used to protect the position of the permanent tooth coming from below. The placeholders are apparatuses for preventing neighboring teeth from moving into the gravity cavity, thereby preventing the permanent tooth from being buried or dislodged from different locations, thereby resulting in the formation of perpendicular teeth. Otherwise, both very long and costly treatments may be required to correct the tooth sequence in later years. However, the application time and cost of a small placeholder is far less important than the others. Placeholder applications are performed by Gülcan Ünsal, a pediatric dentist at Lotus Dental Clinic in Kuşadası, when it is necessary.


    Tooth Decay and Nutrition

    The main factor in the formation of tooth decay is consumption of sugary foods and acidic beverages. Especially young children should be kept away from this kind of food and drink.  Pediatric Dentist Gülcan Ünsal offers individual nutritional recommendations for all pediatric patients who apply to Kuşadası Private Lotus Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, taking into account the age group and risk factors. In general, the following are:


    Do not put your baby to sleep after the first teeth start to emerge. Clean your teeth with a wet cloth and then put them to sleep.

    Never put your baby to sleep with a bottle filled with a sweet, milk mixture with honey.

    In case of bottle feeding, do not insert the bottle into your mouth to check its temperature.

    Juices, which are very useful for children but they can cause tooth decay when filled in a bottle and given continuously. The fruit itself will be better than the juice. When the child reaches the age of one, breastfeeding and bottle feeding should be abandoned and liquid foods should be consumed with cups. Sticky and sugary foods should not be allowed between meals and sweet foods should be consumed together with main meals. Children should not be put to sleep with beverages such as sweet, flavored milk, tea and juice. Children should drink milk only before sleeping if possible.

    A post-sugary buffering protein supplement (yogurt, cheese, etc.) significantly reduces the development of caries in children.

    It should be remembered that the bacteria, which is cause caries, are also present in the saliva and can be transmitted.


    The procedures that are routinely applied in pediatric dentistry by Gülcan Ünsal, a pediatric dentist at Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic are as follows:

    Oral and Dental Care

    Preventive and preventive applications from tooth decay: Fluoride gel, fluorine varnish, fissure sealants.

    If necessary, extraction of the milk tooth.

    Placeholder applications or pediatric prosthesis to be performed in tooth loss in children.

    Crash, fall and so on. Treatment of dental traumas caused by causes.

    Restorative treatments (fillings) of primary and permanent teeth.

    Treatment of young permanent teeth with excessive crown damage with stainless steel crowns, aesthetic crowns and advanced ceramic systems

    Endodontic treatments (canal treatments, amputations)

    Regenerative endodontic applications

    Treatments to stop bad mouth habits (finger sucking, nail biting, lip biting, tooth grinding, etc.)

    Treatment applications under general anesthesia in children with cooperation problems and individuals with special needs


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