Mouth and Teeth Injury

    If only the teeth are effected from the trauma and the bones are intact, various treatments can be considered according to the level of injury. It may be possible to replace loose or completely displaced teeth. Some of these injuries are treated with various splinters – stabilizing by tying or attaching the teeth together. If the tooth isn’t completely displaced and is just loose, it must never be pulled out since it could be put back into its place if the fibers keeping the tooth in its alveolus is still attached or alive. Dental implants could be applied instead of the lost teeth if the injured teeth cannot be kept or treated.


    Fractured, loose or displaced teeth due to trauma is a common injury. Always keep in mind that if the tooth is completely displaced, it can be put back as long as it’s preserved.


    The chance of survival of the tooth is directly proportional to  how fast it is put back into its alveolus. Therefore the patient must see a  dentist or a specialist maxillofacial surgeon immediately.


    The displaced tooth must  be washed with simple water without rubbing it, and must be kept under one of  these conditions:


    If the patient is awake and alert, keeping the tooth under the tongue in the mouth is a favorable choice.
    Alternatively, cold milk.

    Ideally, the tooth or the teeth must be placed firmly in their alveolus.

    Always  keep in mind that: The teeth that lose their connections with the jaw bone must be treated with a root canal operation unless they were observed to be alive via a viability test within the first 1 – 2 month period. Failing that, most of such teeth are quite likely to develop abscesses or root tip cysts.


    Teeth or surrounding tissue injuries are most common among children, and a child that has a milk tooth or permanent tooth injury should be treated in a clinic with a maxillofacial surgeon and a pedodontist – which is a child dentistry specialist.


    A multidisciplinary approach is selected in Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic by Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya and Pedodontics Specialist Dr. Gulcan Unsal.

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