Laser Dentistry – What Is It? – Is It Safe?

    Laser dentistry maximize the patients’ comfort and optimize the quality of the treatment in these days when the consciousness level is increasing each day.


    “Preventive dentistry applications” which are the focus of modern dentistry have been increasingly in regard both by doctors and patients. Our patients have been asking questions more frequently such as “Does this method in any way effect my teeth or my overall health?” before the their treatments.


    While the laser technology is nothing new, it took some time to be deployed as an advantageous and effective piece of equipment in dentistry. Nowadays lots of procedures can be made with dental lasers from caries cleansing to teeth whitening, from teeth surface disinfection to soft tissue cutting, from treatment of lesions such as apthous ulcers and cold sores to biopsies.


    The superiority of treatments done with dental lasers to the classical ones can be lined up as below:

    The significant decrease in discomfort (such as swelling, pain) in post-treatment
    Having a very rapid recovery rate
    Causing almost no bleeding during the treatment
    Mostly requiring no anesthesia before an operation
    Providing 100% disinfection and sterilization on the spot the laser was used on
    Why Is Laser Dentistry Important?


    The features of the equipment used is also important during the dental procedures done by lasers. While some lasers are only used on soft tissue, some lasers can be used on both the soft and the hard tissue (such as teeth and bones). Since no heat, vibration and friction due to contact is generated, mostly no anesthesia is needed in instances where the doctor is operating without touching the teeth and other tissues – which depends on the laser used. Therefore dental lasers provide great comfort in patients with odontophobia (fear of dentists). Treatments with dental lasers can be applied to people with any situation from all ages including kids, pregnant women and cardiac patients.


    Here are some examples for procedures that can be done with dental lasers:

    In caries cleansing and filling procedures (Selectively effects the decayed tissue and creates a sterile environment, roughens the teeth for the fillings to attach themselves to the teeth better without damaging the healthy teeth tissues)

    In the treatment of teeth sensitivity
    In gums aesthetics (In cases where the gums show up too much during smiles, in asymmetrical gums forms, in smile designing etc.)
    In cases where gums get darker in color
    In teeth whitening
    In root canal treatment
    In cases where the tongue/lip ties are too strong
    In cases where the bleeding cannot be controlled
    In the disinfection and detox of gums for people with gingival diseases
    In soft tissue cutting during surgical procedures
    In cleaning of apthous ulcers and cold sores
    In the measurement of implant supported or teeth supported restorations
    In tissue adjustment during orthodontic treatments
    In the treatment of dents caused by unfit prosthesis
    Are The Laser Dentistry Reliable?


    One of the most frequently asked questions by our patients is how reliable the lasers are. Just like all the other dental treatments, the ones applied via lasers must be done by expert dentists who have been trained in the area and who knows the laser equipment and their parameters very well. Everyone in the room where the laser is being applied – including the dentist, the patient and other medical personnel – must wear special protective goggles depending on the type of the laser.


    Nevertheless, since laser beams doesn’t have ionizing properties, they carry no carcinogenic risk like X-rays.


    Procedures with hard-soft tissue lasers (YSGG laser) can be applied at the Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic in all dental treatments and on all patients.

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