Digital Dentistry and CAD / CAM

    CAD/CAM Supported Digital Filling Era In Dentistry

    The most common reasons of a dentist visit are undoubtedly caries or old, unfitting fillings. The progress in the clinical equipment along with the abundance in materials has yielded some promising developments.


    Concept of Digital Filling

    Digital filling is based on making a filling design by a three dimensional image of the relevant teeth and building that design via three dimensional scrapers by a computer-guided manufacturing tool.


    While this manufacturing stage in which all the technological opportunities are deployed is quite fast, the compatibility of the resulting filling to the teeth is top notch.


    Cases In Which Digital Fillings Are Preferred

    Digital fillings have many advantages over normal fillings such as compatibility, durability and life cycle when the material loss in the teeth is great, and especially in teeth with root canals.  The material selection for the digital fillings depend on the patient’s chewing force and the type of problem in the teeth.


    Advantages Of Digital Filling

    The good aesthetic features of the digital fillings has caused these fillings to be categorized among the aesthetic dentistry applications.


    The tooth-filling compatibility is top notch. The redevelopment probability of caries beneath the filling is minimal.
    The materials from which the fillings are made are monolithic blocks, their ingredients and the composition are superior to the fillings that which are applied directly to the teeth. The fracture, deterioration, and coloration risks are minimal.


    There’s no need to take measurements from the mouth for the manufacturing process. The measurements are taken digitally via special CAD/CAM scanners.


    Since digital fillings have top notch contact with their neighboring teeth, they don’t give rise to disturbances such as food jamming between the teeth as laser fillings do.


    Treatments applying porcelain teeth manufactured in a 3D Printer using digital measurements taken from the patients via Cerec system in the same session are being done routinely by Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem KAYA and Dentist Tülay KAYA at the Kusadasi Lotus Dental Clinic.

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