Dentures and Types of Dentures

    Dentures are artificial materials which are prepared in order for the patients to regain their lost teeth functions like chewing and speaking due to various causes. Generally, teeth and bone loss occurs due to untreated gingival diseases. The lost dental health is restored via prosthesis. This also helps the patients to regain the lost lip and cheek support, function of speech, function of chewing, and their aesthetic looks. People who have forgotten how to laugh due to having to live with missing or damaged teeth are psychologically supported with this process. The aim of dentures are to improve the quality of life.

    Types Of Dentures
    Fixed :


    They cannot be removed by the patient such as crown – bridges.

    Removable :


    They which can be removed and placed back by the patient.

    Full :


    They which is applied when all of the teeth are missing.

    Partial :


    They which is applied when some of the teeth are missing. This type of dentures are attached via nails and hooks placed on the teeth.


    With Sensitive Clips

    They which is applied when some of the teeth are missing. This type of dentures are aesthetic dentures without any visible apparatus such as hooks.


    Implant  Supported


    Bridges or crowns which are applied with the support of implants.



    They are applied with the support of implants preferred in mouths with not enough bone support, and are similar to full.


    Cleaning Removable Dentures

    A daily care and cleaning of your dentures is important in order to avoid plaque, food residue and tartar. A regular care is essential to keep the tissue under the dentures healthy, and to avoid any infection.


    – Wash them with clean water after every meal to keep the food residue away.

    – Brush them with water, various toothpastes or denture care products before going to bed. Using abrasive powders should be avoided during the brushing process, since these products will cause damage to the surface of the dentures. Usual toothbrushes or special denture brushes may be preferred during the brushing process.


    – Along with the daily care, a weekly denture care should also be made by using effervescent denture cleaning tablets.


    The connection between the dentures and the supporting tissues may deteriorate due to shrinking of these tissues over time. The change in these tissues may also be related to the overall health of the patient. This connection may be restored by using various methods. Unless the restoration is ensured, the denture will become loose and will start to irritate or hurt the surrounding tissue. This may cause serious oral problems unless left unattended.


    They must be replaced when the they become incompatible with the tissues and/or when the teeth are worn away and cannot sufficiently digest food. They may also have to be replaced in cases where the material of it starts to provide a suitable environment for bacteria to attach themselves to. Do not try to fix your dentures if you experience a discomfort with them, and consult with your dentist immediately.


    Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya and his team routinely applies fixed, removable, implant supported fixed and implant supported removable dentures in the Kusadasi Lotus Dental Clinic.

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