Dental Abscess – What Is The Treatment?

Following the death of the tooth’s nerve caused either by bacteria or chemical or mechanical irritation, the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues from the tooth’s root. A localized pus will accumulate on the bone surrounding the teeth’s root in time. This is called a dental abscess. This pus will dissolve the bone in time and will find a way to the gums and will turn into a swelling filled with pus. Tooth loss may occur after this stage.


When dental abscess occurs, there will be discomfort at the teeth – the patient can feel the tooth move inside the bone when pressed.


The soft tissue around the root swells as the dental abscess progresses, causing increasing pain.
Patient’s face will swell in time. The swelling may be further away from the abscess’ starting point according to the position of the tooth and the bone. The tooth is in a stretched and teetering position and will cause more pain at this stage.


The pus will find itself a way through the weakest spots of the tissue and will leak in or out of the mouth. This will cause a bad smell and a bad taste in the mouth. The pain will decrease when the pus starts leaking.
A mild fever and a swelling on the lymph nodes may occur. An overall fatigue is experienced.



You may take some painkillers before going to the dentist to reduce the pain. Do not apply anything at all directly to the teeth or the gums such as aspirin, cologne or alcohol. In the past, the treatment method for a tooth with abscess was to pull that tooth out. Although under some circumstances it would be right to pull the tooth out, there are several methods of treatment to save the tooth with abscess.


The first step in the treatment of abscess is to eliminate the infection and using antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to stop it from spreading. Painkillers may also be used to reduce the pain. After the infection is brought under control, root canal treatment is applied if the tooth can be saved. If not, the tooth should be pulled out.


Both surgical and conservative treatment of dental abscesses is applied routinely at the Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic.

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