Composite Filling And Advantages of It

    Composite Filling
    Composite  fillings are made up of various materials. They can be shaped as plastic, and are hardened by ultraviolet (UV) light. This is why they are called “beam fillings” colloquially. They are routinely applied filling materials in our clinic and in developed countries. Their success rate is especially high in frontal teeth.


    Advantages of Composite Filling
    The teeth which could only stay in the mouth and keep their integrity via porcelain coating once, are now able to display a quite aesthetic appearance without the need for coating.


    – The application can be completed in one session.

    – They don’t cause teeth hard tissue loss because there’s no need to remove much from the teeth before the filling is applied.

    – Even very small cavities can be closed by composite fillings.


    Porcelain Filling (Inlay – Onlay)
    Porcelain filling is a method which is applied to patients with a large loss of tooth material and who needs a crown application by reducing the size of the tooth, and are done in order to protect the healthy tooth tissue. They are preferred over amalgam fillings because of their aesthetic appearance and practicality.


    Advantages of Porcelain Filling
    – They are durable and has a long life span.

    – Renewing time is quite long.

    – They are quite aesthetic.

    – The hardness of the material is quite close to that of the tooth enamel.

    – On molar teeth, they are quite resistant to chewing forces when compared to composite fillings.

    – They have a perfect tooth compatibility because they are prepared at the lab after the cavity is readied and measured.


    Treatments applying porcelain teeth manufactured in a 3D Printer using digital measurements taken from the patients via Cerec system at the same session are being done routinely in the light of the current scientific progresses along with the latest generation of composite and bonding systems and filling treatments by Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem KAYA and Dentist Tülay KAYA at Kuşadası Private Lotus Dental Clinic.

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