Aphtous Ulcer and Herpes

Today, plenty of people complain about recurring oral sores. The most frequent recurring oral sores are apthous ulcers and herpes (cold sores). Since apthous ulcers and cold sores show the same symptoms, it is hard to discern the two. It is important to distinguish apthous ulcers and cold sores since the two have completely different causes and treatment methods.


Aphtous Ulcers

Apthous ulcers are quite painful, small, and superficial ulcers which appear often on the surface of the tongue, the soft palate, in cheek and lip mucosa, and in the throat region. Women experience apthous ulcers more often than men.


Factors  affecting apthous ulcers formation:

– Stress is one of the most important factors that effect apthous ulcers.

– Acidic food and drinks, salty and spicy appetizers are among the important factors that accelerates apthous ulcers formation.

– In some systemic diseases – such as the Behçet’s Disease – apthous ulcers can be observed in the mouth along with other symptoms in the body.

– It is also thought that lack of vitamin B12 and iron in the body, along with chemical in toothpastes may cause apthous ulcers.



A symptomatic treatment is performed, which is using prescribed drugs to ease the pain that is causing discomfort in the patient. However, diagnosis of apthous ulcers is more important than its treatment. It is of prime importance to diagnose the formations such as apthous ulcers and sores the patients notice in their oral mucosa and their gums by the oral and maxillofacial surgeon.


The treatment of apthous ulcers are being done via YSGG hard and soft tissue laser  in the Kuşadası Lotus Polyclinic.

Cold  Sores (Herpes)

Cold sores are caused by a virus named herpes simplex. This virus, which is passively present in people that previously suffered from a herpes infection, causes cold sores by becoming active via exposure to sunlight, stress, trauma, fatigue, and hormonal changes.


Cold sores are contagious. However, 95% of the population are thought to have previously contracted this virus and carry it passively.



Today, anti-viral cold sore creams are used in the treatment of cold sores. Since these creams and drugs will only work by accurate diagnosis and timely use, they must certainly be prescribed by a doctor.


The treatment of cold sores are being done via YSGG hard and soft tissue laser  in the Kuşadası Lotus Dental Clinic.

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