Impacted Tooth Operations – The Treatment

Impacted Tooth Operations – The Treatment

Teeth can be impacted inside the jowls for various reasons. The most common impacted teeth are thirdmolar teeth, also known as the wisdom teeth. Nevertheless wisdom teeth is also common for the premolar and canine teeth to get impacted. Not all the impacted teeth needsto get removed, and the ones which does not harm the surrounding tissue, makes no discomfort to the patient and the ones which don’t have cystic forms aroundthem may be left at the jaw bones as long as they’re monitored. A surgicaloperation is needed if the impacted teeth need to be removed for some reason. 

The thought of a surgical operation may negatively affect the psychology of many patients. Insuch cases, Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya suggests conscious sedation – an application that may be applied to the patients without any side effects. While a relative relief and relaxation is provided on the patient withthis application which is also known as “the laughing gas”, the sensation of pain is also decreased. Most of the patients don’t even notice the injection process. 

When the impacted tooth operation of wisdom teeth is completed and the sedation is over, the patientwill think only about 5 minutes has passed during this half-hour operation. Thepatient who will be awake and conscious throughout the procedure will also largely be able to beat his / her dental phobia through this process. Going smiling to your home from the clinic even after a major operation is possibleby the nitrous oxide sedation. The question “Is it possible to take this gas home?” we hear from all of our sedation patients is by far the greatest proofof how the fear of dentists and operations are overcome. Dental treatments andoperations under conscious sedation are being applied routinely by Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya and Dentist Tülay Kaya at Lotus Dental Clinic in Aydın, Kuşadası.

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