Kusadasi Botox and Dermal Fillers

Eyebrow Lifting via Botox

Today, Botox is one of the most preferred aesthetic methods to look younger and more attractive. If you think it only works against wrinkles, you’re wrong. There are other lesser known fields of application for Botox which are becoming more prevalent. The most common and successful use of Botox is the procedures to reduce the crow’s foot on the forehead and around the eyes. Besides this usage, it is possible to achieve a more attractive eyebrow structure by lifting up the tail and lowering the middle part which is higher via botulinum toxin injection. This way, the low eyebrows which give the person a tired expression are fixed successfully by the eyebrow shaping (eyebrow lifting). Obviously, a very good anatomical knowledge is a requirement for the proper usage of botulinum toxin injection in eyebrow shaping.


The medication becomes fully active within 1 – 2 weeks, and is effective for the next 4 – 6 months. It is also possible to get rid of the wrinkles caused by frowning, which make the person look more nervous. These lines that cause an angry expression occur due to the movement of mimic muscles, and respond very well to Botox treatment. The person’s facial expression changes positively when these lines that make them old and stress dare opened up by a Botox application. However in instances where these lines run very deep, Botox and filling procedures are applied together. You may get an appointment from Aydın Kuşadası Private Lotus Dental Polyclinic in order to receive more information about Kuşadası Botox & filling applications around the forehead and the eyes.


Stop Excessive Sweating With Kuşadası Botox

Sweating is one of themost important ways for the body to lose heat. A normal person sweats 4 – 5 times a day. Excessive sweating is the kind of sweating that is more common in specific areas in the body such as hands, feet, armpits, and face and is usually stress – related. This usually happens due to several different factors such as over-activity of sweat glands, genetic factors, overweight, stimulants, menopause, over-activity of thyroid gland and diabetes. Moreover, sweating increases in direct proportion to over – activity of the nervous system. People with excessive sweating problem always complain about the moisture on their hands, feet, chest, and armpits due to the production of too much sweat. This affects their daily lives negatively.


The most effective method in the treatment of excessive sweating is Botox. This quite practical application involves the injection of Botox to the areas that sweat excessively via a thin pin insulin injector. The procedure is quite simple and it takes effect inbetween 2 to 10 days. Armpit sweating decreases 80%. The most common misconception among patients is that Botox decreases sweating all across the body, which is false. Botox only decreases sweating in the areas where it isapplied. It is a smart method against excessive hand-foot sweating. However the Botox application against excessive hand – foot sweating lasts shorter. You may get an appointment from the Aydın Kuşadası Private Lotus Dental Polyclinic in order to receive more information about Kuşadası Botox applications against excessive sweating.


Botox & Filling Applications to the Wrinkles Around the Lips

The deep wrinkles and linings that form around the lips especially due to smoking and facial expressions can be fixed via Botox and filling applications. The vertical lines which are seen on the upper part of the lips are usually form due to smoking or the loss of elasticity and vitality due to aging. It is possible to ease these lines by Botox injection.


When Botox is applied regularly to the upper lip to get rid of the lines, the deepening of these lines slow down. You will experience small red blotches on your lip after the Botox application, and you may return to your daily life immediately. Filling applications may also be needed if the lines are too deep. The filling applications for the facial expression lines and wrinkles that appear around the lips and that stretch from sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth are quite successful. The Botox procedure for the lip lines begin at the 3rd day and reaches maximum effect at the 7th day. This effect starts to diminish after 3 – 4 months and it completely dissipates at the end of the 6th month.


The results of the filling application scan be observed right after the procedure and will stabilize within a week. Kuşadası Botox & filling applications for the lips and around the lips are being done routinely by Dentist Tülay KAYA and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem Kaya at the Aydın Kuşadası Private Lotus Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.


Stop Clenching Your Teeth With Botox

Clenching & grinding which is called “bruxism” is most commonly caused by emotional stress. Therefore the best treatment is to eliminate the stress factor. However ensuring that may not always be possible. Therefore many alternative treatment methods were developed. The purpose of these treatments are to avoid any permanent damage to the teeth and the tempo mandibular joints and stop the pain. The protective night plaques – which are seen as one of the treatment options – are applied between the lower and upper teeth to stop them from connecting.


However protective plaques are only for lowering the damage this problem causes, rather than treating it. Therefore Botulinum Toxin (Botox) – which is used in various fields – is also being used to cure bruxism. Botox which is applied in certain doses according to the severity and the condition of the disease reduces the strength of the muscles temporarily (4 – 6 months). Thus the patient cannot make involuntary clenching movements during his/her sleep. The patient’s jaw movements or chewing process does not change after this application, and the patient can resume his/her daily life.


The important thing is to establish which chewing muscle plays more role in the disease and to adjust the dosage correctly. Therefore such functional applications must be done by an expert orexperts who are both adept at Botox applications and maxilla (jaw and its surrounding tissues). Kuşadası Botox & filling applications against bruxism (teeth clenching & grinding) are being done routinely by Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Erdem KAYA and Dentist Tülay KAYA at Private Lotus Dental Clinic.