Dental Treatment Abroad

dental treatment abroad

Dental Treatment Abroad

Recent consumer research worldwide shows that more than 30% of participants state that they are interested in some kind of medical treatment abroad, especially aesthetical, cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery and dental treatments.

In Ireland, UK, Germany and The Netherlands, especially dental care is very expensive. Basic dental care is usually covered by insurances, but the very expensive reconstructive or cosmetic procedures like crowns, implants, teeth whitening or laminate veneers are not. Fortunately, highly competent specialists abroad offer an alternative. They provide treatments, high-quality materials, and brands, for a fraction of the price. The total costs of a holiday for a family of four, plus a dental treatment may even be lower than what people would have paid just for the treatment alone in their own country.

We live in an age where traveling abroad has become very easy. People plan a holiday abroad at least once or twice a year. A medical complaint is becoming more and more a reason to travel elsewhere where a cheaper or better healthcare is provided. Often the lower costs, shorter waiting lists or treatments that are not available in their home country are a motivation for people to search for treatments abroad.

Go abroad for a medical treatment

The most important reasons for people to decide to go abroad for a medical treatment are:

  • Price – people travel abroad for avmedical treatment because they can receive the same treatment for a cheaper price.
  • Service and quality – specialists perform many cases of certain procedures, and become better and better in their discipline.
  • Availability of treatment – some Western European countries have restrictions or limitations of what medical services or methods can be provided. When these services are provided abroad, people understandably consider those options.


Why Turkey?

Turkey, for example, is known for their optometric and dental treatments and their use of high quality and most modern techniques. One of the well-known medical tourism destinations is Kusadasi. It’s one of the warmest Aegean popular holiday destinations, thanks to its beautiful blue-flagged beaches and calm bays. One can find visitors from all over the world at its museums and historical sights whole year around. The ancient city of Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary or just a half hour away.

For those who enjoy spending time in nature, the Dilek Peninsula offers beautiful hiking trails. One can also swim or sunbathe on its unspoiled beaches. Kusadasi center has a long boulevard that goes on to the Pigeon Island castle via the pier. Everywhere people can have a nice meal or a drink while admiring the beautiful view. Besides the sights, sun and sea, there are many aquaparks in and around Kusadasi.

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