About Laughing and Designing a Laughter

About Laughing and Designing a Laughter

Designing a laughter, designing a smile and laughing… During the last years, we as dentists have started to design a natural and inner human behavior 🙂

One is almost on the verge of asking oneself: “ Is it really possible to design the smile of a human; are we robots?” If it was possible to design this expression of happiness from outside, without a doubt, psychologists and psychiatrists would have been the most successful persons on this subject 🙂


But being realistic, we as dentists have just the possibility to affect and relieve the smile of a person. As long as there is a reason for us to smile or a groundless cheer…

So, let’s change our topic into “Affect a Laughter”.

Due to dental pigmentation or teeth with crowding problems, many of us have to limit our smile. All of our mimic muscles are active during a smile, but this is being concealed with a hand while trying to hide the teeth with a senseless contraction of a muscle. Of course, there are a lot of reasons for this:

  • While smiling the gums are too present (gummy smile)
  • Dental pigmentation (innate or later emerged)
  • Crowding and ordering problems
  • Lack of teeth
  • Loss of substance due to trauma or caries
  • Malformation
  • Maladjustment in jaw concerns
  • Tooth spaces


There can be added more factors to this list, but what matters is to plan a treatment proprietary designed, by having the right communication between patient and doctor. The intended result should be realistic and an applicable treatment protocol should also be discussed.


Although the concept of aesthetics is relative, there are of course some rules and rates in this subject.  While working out a treatment with an aesthetic intention and while answering the expectations of the patients, it is important to advance following these rules and to draw the line according to them. Obtain digital data, share them with dental technicians and to plan accordingly a foreseeable treatment for the patients, has rather gained importance in modern dentistry. Sometimes, this kind of treatments may result quiet by some simple arrangements, but with multidisciplinary approaches, in some cases, they may be taken to a further extent. In other words, practically it is not that easy to treat each case with “bonding” as it is shown on TV. Aesthetic dentistry is a field, which operates with several treatment approaches that may be carried out solitary or united. Accordingly, from time to time there is made use of dental braces, bleaching agents, porcelain laminate veneers and sometimes there are used implants to affect the smile of a patient. As each case is independent and obtaining a natural and aesthetic look is only possible by planning a tailor-made treatment. In cases with medium or advanced crowding problems, orthodontia is always the best treatment method. Notwithstanding that the treatment duration is a long one, it is a great advantage of the method that there is no loss of dental tissue and that the natural look is not destroyed. Besides this and additionally to dental treatments, during the last years, treatment procedures like dermal filling and Botox at the lip and mouth area have positively affected our smiles. With dermal fillings, wrinkles at the mouth and surrounding area can be filled and sagging skin can be supported. With the use of Botox, the named “gummy smile” can be corrected immediately. Even without touching the teeth and just treating the gums, it is sometimes possible to come to the expected fruition. Gums with malformation can easily be corrected by applying dental laser. From time to time it attracts attention the even people with brilliant teeth try to hide their smile. Thinking their teeth are yellow, those persons try to limit their smile. In such cases, the tooth color can be enlightened within a period less than one hour. At whitening treatments applied with a laser, the sensibility has been decreased to a minimum. Applying these and several other kinds of aesthetic dental treatments, cosmetic corrections at the mouth and teeth tissues sometimes may be realized with bigger and sometimes with smaller touches.

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